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Twitter promotional giveaway video created by founder, Eddie, in 2021.

As we're new in town we thought it'd be best to write a more extensive about us page than most. Without things like this available, we feel people are unable to truly understand the goals and purpose of our brand along with the ideologies we try to portray in our products. Unless we explain ourselves, we can’t ever hope to have a genuine connection with our customers.

Danger Capital (Oxro LTD) was founded at the beginning of 2020 by Edward "Eddie" Jibson. It’s a registered company in England and can be found under the company number 12017599 - it has now merged with Oxro LTD.

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In an age where marketing methods have turned to almost subtly attack users, we wanted our brand to embody the opposite of this, a humanized brand with no ridiculous stunts to get you to buy stuff you don’t need, we believe if you like our products and message enough, you’ll want to own it and help us out regardless. We want people to view Danger Capital as a collective of like-minded people, committed to portraying interesting and controversial concepts through clothing, without the nonsense – not a huge entity that no one fully understands.

At Danger Capital, we’re committed to creating an ethical brand that offers high-quality clothing with a slightly different message behind each piece. With the creation of many more clothing brands over the last few months, we were aware of the supposed over saturation of the market. However, something was lacking in all – quality, user experience and meaning. Whilst others may create a design to impress the market at the current moment in time for the most amount of profit, we’re creating clothing with a message and a story-line behind it, regardless of its popularity, that’s not how important messages should be sculpted. Each collection released will alter the Danger Capital timeline.

We can call our brand ethical as we don’t have a huge stock of clothes ready to ship at any moment as we believe that is harmful to the environment, as many are unused and thus eventually thrown away. We make all of our products to order (meaning we don’t keep a stock of products), within humane conditions. This means we cannot offer things like next day shipping but it does mean a lot of attention can be placed on the smaller details, we’re not just creating as many products as quickly as possible to reduce costs. We also use sustainable and eco friendly materials which is accompanied with similar methods of manufacturing (close to zero waste along with water and energy reduction) despite it costing us a significant amount more.

Whilst we may be a small team, our intention isn’t to become a stagnant entity with the only adjustment being a slightly different design following the same formula for safer success. We don’t have formulas, we’ll let our ideas speak for themselves and if fewer people are attracted by it, it doesn’t matter. We need to stay true to our roots, else we can’t call ourselves genuine. However, we do listen to suggestions and encourage you to send them into us and for the future, we are developing a platform for artists to send in their designs and have them integrated into the brand with of course a fair cut off the profits going to them.

One of the main questions that we get asked a lot is why this theme? Why have we chosen Psychedelia? And why in clothes?

To clarify, we believe psychedelics in general are a selection of very powerful substances that if used incorrectly or in the wrong setting could cause issues, especially when abused. So take that as our disclaimer, we are not glorifying nor encouraging (and/or partaking ourselves in) the use of drugs, especially as these are essentially some of the most mind-altering chemicals known to man. We do, however, feel as if the culture and art associated with the theme allow us to explore a very extensive range of topics, especially those associated with some of the most “deepest” subjects possible. To us, some of these include perception, time, being and reasoning – something that is very heavily explored in our products, not drugs.

So, with that in mind, please do not send anything apart from returns and/or letters to our PO box.

We also believe there is a rich history with human’s uses with such which has led to some interesting revelations to say the least and we believe this is a vehicle to explore such and illustrate in new manners – inviting you to come along with us.

As for why we opted to utilize clothing to publish our work on? We believe clothing is one of the greatest methods of expression for our time, something that if wearing, anyone is able to infer meaning or purpose behind a design within moments, globally – regardless of where they’re from or what language they may speak. It’s a form of expression and as we develop, the more we’ll grow better at expressing mind-bending topics which are important or valuable to people through different and more unique mediums.

Following our open and liberal ideology, we commission art from a variety of different sources. We’re always wanting to help support the community and those who are trying to make a living from what they do best, art. We think its great people are able to follow their ambitions and believe as a society we should support one another do what our heart desires, not always what is easiest or makes the most money. That is why we look for talented artists ourselves and let them illustrate their ideas, we don’t strictly tell them what should or shouldn’t be there. This is when the best work is achieved. We do also make a lot of art ourselves, along with promotional material etc.

Want to reach out? Unlike other places, we actually answer our messages and check them all the time. We’ll always aim to answer within 24 hours, regardless of it being the weekend or not. Contact us whenever about whatever either via our Contact Form or, if you prefer the more old school methods of communication, at hello@danger.capital. We also have a PGP key for those who like to encrypt their communications, please use it if you want, we’re keen on privacy, too!