release day

after months of hard work, we've finally decided it's time to release our baby.

i could endlessly discuss the ideologies of danger capital ideology and all the crazy sh*t we have on the way, but luckily i've outlined all of this in our very long about page and for those who want something brief, i've written this post.

i want this to be a welcome of sorts to everyone. whilst we're very excited for you to see our first of many collections which we've worked so hard to get right, i also believe it's important for you to know a bit more about our intentions as a brand. we want everyone to realize this was and never has been a money making grab, we're trying to build a community, small or not, that explores social issues and different states of consciousness through clothing in ways that haven't been seen before and we are committed doing this in the most sustainable way possible. this includes both the physical production of the garments and accessories (minimal waste and sourced with the environment in mind, not profit) but also along with the digital designs of such. we make sure everyone gets credit for what they deserve and their voices are heard, we do not have job titles here. for designers, this means giving them as much creative freedom as possible, one person doesn't tell another what to do. this courtesy also extends to our customers, our community, in the coming months we will likely descend to a platform like discord where everyone can share ideas about both the brand and life in general. our goal is to create an environment where like minded individuals can have a intelectual discussion about the non artifical things in life without the typical bullsh*t you might find elsewhere. later down the line we will likely develop an enitrely custom platform for such, but that's one for later.

with all the talk about how much we've prepared for this day, please be weary this is effectively our first day on the block and whilst we've tried our best to find and iron out any issues, please be aware that whilst unlikely, some may still arise. if this is the case, please, be patient with us, we'll always be as transparent as possible regardless of the situation and let you know what's going on inside the company through our selection of online outlets. so, if there's anything wrong, anything that could be improved or anything you're not happy with, please let us know and we'll make sure it's sorted as soon as possible.

if you want to be updated more on what we're up to, give us a cheeky follow on twitter or instagram! alternatively, you could check here every so often but something tells me that's not as easy...

anyway, questions or suggestions? we'd be more than happy to chat, drop us a line via our contact form or send us an email at

love always and speak soon